"Never Judge A Book By Its Movie."

Hi!!!!!! It's little Tommy here! Erm... I doubt I'll ever really post anything too original, I'm just gonna re-blog a load of cool shit that I like, I reckon... But follow me if you want, you bunch of BODS! =) x

Was walking through Manchester Arndale on my dinner today and i saw a mini┬árestaurant selling ONLY… kellogg’s crunchy nut cornflakes! there were loads of people sat down, like it was nando’s or something, eating CEREAL! there was a little bar and a man with a chef hat and everything. IT WAS AWESOME! I bet it’s only there for a few days to sample the new flavours they seemed to have? (purple box, hmm?!) Wicked cool! Ha ha ha. Whaaaaaaat?

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